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Dress: Fancy: The Podcast About Dressing Up

Dec 6, 2018

This week’s episode raises a potentially divisive question: is re-enactment a form of fancy dress? From historical associations and living history, to Steam Punk and Nordic Larpers, Lucy and Ben continue their rummage through the dressing up box by looking at the role and meaning of people who create other worlds – those that are realistic and those that are more romantic – into the present.



  • Pat Poppy, ‘Fancy Dress? Costume for Re-enactment’, Costume, 31 (1997)
  • Pravina Shukla, Costume: Performing Identities Through Dress (2015)
  • Nordic Larp:
  • The Frontier House (PBS, 2002)
  • The 1940s House (Channel 4, 2002)
  • Colonial House (PBS, 2003)
  • The Supersizers Go… (BBC, 2008-2009)


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