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Dress: Fancy: The Podcast About Dressing Up

Feb 28, 2019

Love it or loath it, World Book Day has become an important date in family calendars as toddlers, teenagers and just about any other young person under an adult’s influence, is dressed up and decorated to resemble a character from literary fiction. The costume fun and frustration of World Book Day provides for some hilarious – and likely scarring – moments, but as Lucy and Ben discover, the purpose of this annual day of dress-up is very serious, and necessary, indeed.








·     ‘1 in 8 disadvantaged children in the UK don’t own a single book’:

·      Support the Literacy Trust:

·      According to the Liverpool Echo, parents will be scouring shelves for costumes this year…

·      A round-up from Metro of some of last year’s WBD highlights:

·      Podcast: ‘How to Fail with Elizabeth Day: Sharmaine Lovegrove’, Series 3, Episode 7.

·      Instagram: @father_of_daughters